Transport in Greece

A small Greek Ferry (Express Skopelitis) Ferries - The public transport sytem is far superior to that of the UK. Although, similarly, services are slowly declining while the cost is rising but it is still possible to island hop on the ferries on a limited budget with longer journeys being better value than short trips. Generally, the faster the craft, the higher the ticket price but as an example a 5 hour journey on an ordinary ferry from Paros to Egiali on Amorgos costs 6 Euros while the same journey on a high-speed will cost around 15. The same high-speed ship from Koufonissi to Schinoussa (40 mins) costs 2.7 Euros.

The only company we would advise not to use is G an A which has an old fleet and appalling timekeeping. Unless you like sitting at quays for 5 hours or more (assuming the ship turns up at all) you would do better to pay a little extra.

Buses - Getting around any island using the national bus service (Ktel) is both fun and reasonably priced and many services take you within easy walking distance of the beaches or attractions. Some journeys are a little hair-raising but you cannot help admire the skill of the driver and feel glad you are not in his seat.

Vehicle Hire - Almost all islands have car & scooter hire with both quality of vehicle & driver requirements varying greatly from island to island. It has to be said that most establishments have fairly decent stock but it may be wise to ask existing customers their opinion! Can you afford a breakdown or a broken leg? The law in Greece states that a helmet must be worn even though some scooter hire companies may not provide one. This is not re-enforced very often by the Police but you may still be fined at best, receive serious head injuries in an accident at worst.

Walk Around - Of course you can always walk everwhere and even this may not be as safe as it sounds. One of the most dangerous places to cross the road is the 'pedestrian crossing' which is ignored by everyone. Similarly, the 'one way' street appears to be a deliberate misnomer and is equally dismissed. Sit and watch the traffic for 5 minutes and you will see why Greece has the highest road traffic accident rate in the European Union.


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