Syros - A Greek Island backpacking guide

We Last Visited Syros in 1999

Map of Syros Ferries dock right outside the Casino - an indication perhaps of Ermoupoli`s wealth and importance in the past. Apart from the dry dock, Ermoupoli is a pretty place with good shopping, lively tavernas - most noticeable on the water front and a big square for those take away meals and beers.

Like Tinos, tavernas away from the waterfront are more reasnably priced than on neighbouring Paros, Naxos etc and the town is supplemented by a cinema and theatre but has no real beach to speak of, it`s only flaw. But you wouldn`t want to stay here exclusively anyway. A lot of rooms proprietors meet the ferries making bargaining highly productive. If you want to head straight to the beeach resorts then both campsite owners are present as do a few room owners from Kini. We chose to initially stay in town and took the offer of rooms at Manos (8000drs 09/00) just a few streets from the harbour. A little noisy but again this included a T.V and fan.

ERMOUPOLI - Syros Because of its size, Ermoupoli can seem a little too busy but wandering around the back alleys reveals loads of interesting shops and restaurants and cafes. The impressive Maouli Square is the place for people watching again with loads of Cafes on it`s fringe. Inevitably though, the beach will beckon. The bus service as almost always is very good. The largest concentration of beaches is in the south of the island. We can recommend Megas Yialos and neighbouring Ambelas but all the villages looked inviting.

KINI - Syros After 5 days we moved to the more relaxed Soulas Rooms in Kini (9000drs - 4 bed apartment) only 15 minutes on the bus to the west of Ermoupoli. A quiet resort with a handful of tavernas, not many more hotels and a good scattering of rooms for rent. Two good sand beaches with another, Delfini, to the north and partly nudist. If these are not to your liking there is also a small boat service to more beaches on the north of this coast, or a bus service to Gallisass for interconnecting services to the southern beaches.

MEGAS YIALOS - Syros Busier and more modern feeling than Tinos, but still distinctly more Greek than some of the other Cycladies. Syros is definately worth spending at least five days on. If you want to know more info, just e-mail us at


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