Sifnos - A backpackers guide

We Last Visited Sifnos in 1997

Map of Sifnos (7kb.gif)

Because there are no villages in the most northern third of the island, Sifnos appears at first to be un-inhabitted with no signs of life until the islands harbour of Kamares is in view. High undulating mountains on either side which loom menacingly over you particularly in late evening make for an impressive arrival. The port has really only one street upon which most of the eateries & ouzeries are sited, of which there are plenty. Tavernas line the sea side of the road while the opposite has boutiques, some travel agents & supermarkets. For late drinks the Captains Bar has loads of atmosphere & the best position, right on the beach but you pay for it! As for the town beach, well it is mainly pebble but long enough to accomodate everyone, in early June at least. As for accomodation, well we unwittingly arrived on a saints day and thought we weren`t going to get anywhere Agia Marina (turn left as you head out of town towards Appollonia) came to the rescue with 2 double rooms for 6000drs (they weren`t E.O.T registered).

Kamares - Sifnos There is also a campsite alomg this road which looked a little basic but o.k, especially if the price is right. The sea here is pebble underfoot for only the first 10 meters & shelves gradually with decent waves to play in provided at least daily by the ferry companies. A 20 minute bus ride or 1.5 hour walk due south-east of Kamares is the only other sizeable population, Apollonia. A bustling capital of winding streets & interesting churches but only really a days worth of interest. You can get rooms up here but you wouldn`t really want to. Apollonia is also the main junction on the island with routes to the south & beaches to the east.


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