telephone graphic Health - Greece suffers from no disease that anywhere else in the EU hasn't already encountered. For most people the major nuisance regarding health is the mosquito and can range from a minor irritation to a very uncomfortable swelling leading to complications. There are various products for both prevention & treatment. Personally, this writer has found 'Jungle Formula' to be fairly effective in reducing the number of bites but check you don't react to it if you have sensitive skin. I also always carry some anti-histamine as a precautionary measure. While on the subject of medication make sure the pain killers in your first-aid kit don't contain codeine because it is banned in Greece.

Water - The tap water is safe to drink but if you do suffer from a sensitive constitution it may be safer to drink bottled water which is cheap to buy and also avoid ice in drinks. It is customary to follow coffee with a glass of water. This will almost certainly be from the tap so order a small bottle of mineral water with your coffee. The waiter will then just bring you an empty glass.

Children - The Greeks love children and they will be welcomed perhaps even more so than yourselves. Safety is of course your responsibilty so be very wary of the intensity of the sun and while around harbours and on ships as it can get a little frantic.

Safety & Security - The Greeks pride themselves on their honesty and any town of any size will have a Police station (Astonomia) but it is always wise to follow the usual security precautions as a large proportion of theft is conducted by foreigners to Greece whether they be travellers or imigrants. It is generally safe to travel on your own but as always, let someone know where you are going and what time you plan on returning, your room owner for instance.

assistance graphicInsurance - If you are a UK citizen you would be wise to complete form E111 available from the Post Office and get it stamped. This will entitle you to basic medical care free of charge in the EU. In Greece however, the medical care may be free but it is the family of in-patients who take care of catering & laundry which, in the unfortunate event that you are admitted into hospital, will probably not be available to you. You should, therefore obtain suitable insurance for the duration of your visit which along with cover for lost or stolen items will also cover medical associated expenses. Policies are availabe from, amongst others, with a policy for 2 weeks in Greece costing around 26.00.


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