Rhodes - A backpackers guide

We Last Visited Rhodes in 1996

Rhodes is a good introduction to the Greek Islands. Although tourism has trampled rough shod over traditional Greek life, it is still a pleasure to wander around Rhodes Old Town, especially if you are lucky enough to get rooms within the ancient walls. There are quite a few rooms to let and the proprietors usually meet the ferries. We stayed at Rooms Mandrikou (triple room 5000drs 05/96). Clean & pleasant rooms with a central courtyard which are in a side street off Platia Evreon Martyron . Besides the old town, the Son et Lumiere (next to the taxi rank 1000drs 09/96) is worth the history lesson as is the odd ball Aquarium (600drs 09/96) on the peninsular to the north of the town. The sun obsessed will also be glad to know that Rhodes gets more sun than any of the other Islands in the Aegean.

Rhodes OLd Town If you like your weather infernal, you should head to the east coast as the temperatures here almost always feel a good deal higher than the breeze cooled north. This coast tends to be livelier than the north with good beaches and plenty of night life and of course the famous Lindos. There are quite a few ex fishing boats running from Rhodes to Lindos (2hrs 3000drs 06/96) and although more costly than getting the bus, this is a far more rewarding way to visit the ancient Acropolis (1200drs 09/96). The captain usually stops off in a bay on the way back for a swim . A really good day out.Thermes Kallithea is also worth a visit particularly if snorkling or SCUBA diving is your thing. Again trips are run by several schools out of Rhodes town for the latter (15000drs a day 09/96) or a 20 minute bus journey for the former.

Lindos Acropolis

For those who don`t want to venture far from the airport you can also stay in Kremasti, Ialissos (aka Trianda) or Ixia. Kremasti is quiet enough with a reasonable beach, an impressive church and quite a few eateries. Ialissos` pebble beach is backed by loads of very large hotels but has the highly recommended.Splash bar & restaurant. O.k, so we are biased but Vangelis is the ever helpful Greek (he arranged an apartment for 5000drs !) & he serves a good Souvlaki while his staff have been known to break out into impropmtu greek dancing. Ixia has the best beach, being sand but again the package holiday makers predominate. If you want to stay in this area your best bet is in Kremasti or with the locals in Trianda town proper.

FILERIMOS - Rhodes This would put you in convenient proximity to walk the hour and a half up the pine clad hillside (or for the less energetic, a taxi ride) to Filerimos. The view from the concrete cross (if you can stomach it) augments the already amazing view of the island. The monastery & church situated here are also worth the visit. A snack shop provides welcome refreshments if you did use shanks pony to get here.A little further down the west coast is Petaloudhes, more commonly known as the valley of the butterflies (actually moths). Thousands of them roost here during the summer and similar valleys on other islands in the Aegean. A pleasant spot even if out of the moth season. In general Rhodes can appear over developed but if you haven`t been to Greece before it gives you an idea how things work, or don`t as the case may be.


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St Pauls Bay Rhodes Old Town Acropolis at Lindos Filerimos Rhodes Harbour