Nissiros - A backpackers guide

We Last Visited Nissiros in 1996

According to legend Nissiros was a piece of Kos until Appollo ripped it off and threw it at Polyvotis trapping him underneath. He is obviously still Pi**ed about it and you can see the steam rising up through the ground in the middle of the crater now left by the volcanoes implosion. We haven`t yet decided whether it was lucky or not to experience an earthquake in 1996 centred around the island but some say there is an increase in sysemic activity below and can`t rule out a future eruption

Volcano - Nissiros It doesn`t put visitors off though and it is an enjoyable excursion from Kos but like Simi, it is more fun to stay on the island after the tourist boats have left. Unlike most islands, the room owners don`t seem to meet the ferries (This is also a stop for the Nissos Kalymnos) so you will either search for rooms around the harbour or walk 5 minutes into the town. We were offered several rooms on the way to Mandaraki but all were a little out of our price range so we decided to rejuvinate with some coffee at Mikes Taverna on the water front. Good move because Stella (Mikes wife) has a flat for hire above at reasonable rates (well they were in 1996). A highly welcoming Australian / Greek who was more than happy to tell tales about Nissiros and Australia for that matter.

Mandraki - Nissiros Perhaps it is the tranquillity that appeals the most about Nissiros. It certainly isn`t the beach (there isn`t one) near the Harbour or Mandraki, in fact you have to walk a good half hour east to find anything resembling pebble but don`t let that put you off. After all, if you in a hurry you are on the wrong island (& country - ed). We visited a good stretch of beach 2.5 hours walk from Mandraki and not surprisingly made up of dark volcanic pebbles with the only shade at the far end and backed by dunes. It also seems to be partly nudist.

Beach - Nissiros Apart from the Volcano the church of Panagia Spilliani is the other main attraction on Nissiros with a fascinating history and impressive icons to go with the good view But don`t overlook the castle (Kastro) with good examples of ancient architecture and even better panoramas to Kos and Astypalaea on a good day. There is also a museum to amuse when you`re not relaxing in one of the tavernas around the central kambos or along the sea front.

Nissiros is not a beach babe haven but has a charm not dissimilar to Lipsi. A pleasant evening consists of wandering the streets and finding a taverna you haven`t seen before or have you ? It doesn`t matter either way.


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