Walking on the Greek Island of Naxos

Circular walk from Chalki to Moni and back.

The route for the walk from Chalki to Moni on Naxos At the bus stop in Chalki there is the church of the Panagia with a lane to the left. Follow this past the abondoned hand graphic indicating a hyperlink Pirgos of Grazia and a little later the local fire station until you meet the road. Continue up the road until you see the signpost for Kaloxilos on your left taking you past the mill and into the village. With winding alleys, it is easy to get lost here so wander around until you find the hand graphic indicating a hyperlink little church (with 2 names - Agia Apostoli & Agia Ekatirina) From here follow the path and the red/blue dots past the cemetary and over a little bridge traversing a stream. After a while the path becomes less distinct and our advice is to continue to follow the dots generally heading north north-east climbing terraces as you go until you reach the top of the hill with great views back to Chalki and forward to Moni.

With any luck you should see an hand graphic indicating a hyperlink abandoned windmill on your right. If you don't the chances are you need to head Your starting point at Chalki towards the mountains to the east. Once you have found the windmill it is easier to walk along the wall to the east until you can see the 'Wood Workshop' across the valley and a cement road below you. Scramble down through the brush to the road and turn right then left to the workshop (worth a look!) then down a pretty tree covered stone staircase taking the right fork over a hand graphic indicating a hyperlink bridge beneath which is a stream and a little waterfall. The staircase then takes you up into Moni.

Drosiani church - Naxos After replenishment in one of the tavernas take the hand graphic indicating a hyperlink downward path near these to a street below then turn right leading you to a wall lined path until you come to a T-junction. Turn right for the church of Drosiani (right) with some good frescoes (2E). At the tarmac road there is a path directly opposite leading downhill to a dry a stream. Walk down the bed of the stream for 250m or so where you then leave the stream, it goes right, you go left, until you meet another stream. Go straight across the water and continue for another 5 minutes when you will come across the end of a cement road and some steps. These steps lead to a pleasant path which joins yet another stream bed. Stay to the left of this until you have no choice but to walk along the rocks.

You are never far away from a donkey in Greece After a little while you are met by the stench of sewage but thankfully you will see the path off to the right climbing slowly up to another church hand graphic indicating a hyperlink Rachidiotissa. From the church continue for 2 minutes west until you meet a fork in the path with the right path presumably going to the crumbling bassilica which you can see across the valley and the left leading down towards a sparse oak forest. Keep left at another junction and then where the path bends around to the left and goes uphill slightly turn right.

This leads to the little village of Monitsa where you walk through the churchyard at the first chapel you come to on your right. Follow this path down through the village and over a bridge until you see signposts (in Greek) for the church of hand graphic indicating a hyperlink Ag' Diassoritis. After visiting the church come back the way you came but this time follow the path around to the right. At the junction turn left and back into Chalki.

For this walk we used hand graphic indicating a hyperlink Christian Ucke & Dieter Graf`s 'Walking the Greek Islands'.


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