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Milos is on the western Cyclades route (Kythnos, Serifos, Sifnos). There is one ferry line (LANE) that continues to Santorini and then Crete, but not all boats go that route.

The Adamas waterfront has undergone extensive renovation. It has not been made necessarily prettier, but definitely more functional and cosmopolitan. In addition, in Adamas there is an excellent Mining Museum, an Ecclesiastical Museum, as well as a Maritime museum, all worth visiting.

There is now a abundance of cheap rooms to let, relatively speaking. For the months of July and especially August, you should not come to Milos unless you have a prior confirmed reservation.

The post office is no longer in Adamas, but who needs a post office anyway? :)

Lagada beach is on the west side, and it is a rather small one, while Papikinou beach extends for about a kilometer after one kilometer due east from the port. The Achivadolimni camping is 9 kilometers away from Adamas.

Ferry journeys: The SuperJet (does not carry vehicles) makes the trip Piraeus-Milos direct in 3 hours. Larger, fast catamarans make it to Milos in 4 - 4.5 hours, since they make 1-2 stops along the way. Conventional ferries take 5-7 hours depending on stops along the way (0-2 respectively).

The flight to Milos takes 45 minutes, and represents Olympic Air's lowest domestic airfare.

Plaka offers spectacular sunsets, as well as great food (several nice restaurants and cafes) a couple of very interesting museums (Folklore & History, and Archaeological) one of the 2 remaining Catholic churches in Milos (Rosaria) and features the traditional Cycladic island architecture with the white-washed houses and the narrow coblestone-paved alleys. The views from Kastro are even more spectacular, and rival the famous Oia (Santorini) sunset, but without the crowds.

Tripiti, the village near Plaka, also features traditional Cycladic architecture, has a couple of great restaurants, elevated views, and at its foothills, visitors can see the ruins of the ancient city's walls, the sight of discovery of Venus de Milo, a 5th century baptistry, and the famous Milos Catacombs.

Klima is also worth mentioning, with its unique "syrmata" boathouse dwellings.

The Round-of-Milos tour is still going strong, and is definitely recommended. In addition, there are several sailboat daily cruises that do not go around the island, but go as far as Kleftiko, allowing guests more time to swim and explore the caves via dinghy. Milos has a remarkable coastline, and a boat tour is the best way to experience it.

There are more interesting organized activities to engage in while in Milos, namely sea kayaking, scuba diving, and horseback riding. Of particular interest to backpackers might be the modern hobby of geocaching, with at least 2 treasure chest locations in the island.

In addition to Kleftiko, Sarakiniko is also worth a mention as an old enclave of Saracen pirates and one of the most popular swimming spots in Milos, the caves of Papafrangas, the beach of Paliochori, the settlement of Embourios, the abandoned sulphur mines (Theiorycheia), etc.

My Original Review from 1998

The Last stop for some ferries bound for Crete from Piraeus, Milos can offer the tranquility missing from a fare few of the other Cyclades. The only sizeable stettlements are Adamas,the port, Plaka on the hillside above & Pollonia to the north east. The little hamlets at the waterfront, seen as you enter the bay are Fourkovouni & Klima. Adamas itself isnot a breathtakingly pretty place but soon grows on you.

ADAMAS - Milos
As usual we were met at the quay and guided to a triple room in a backstreet above the harbour (6000drs 06/98) although there didn`t appear to be an abundance of cheap rooms to let. Very much a working harbour with few of the usual tourist trappings which is it`s charm we think. Thats not to say they don`t welcome visitors, we found them friendly enough especially as you become a fixture around the town.

Along with tavernas & kafenio. Adamas has a couple of banks, supermarkets & the post office along with a taxi rank & the bus terminal with good services to the other villages. KLEFTIKO - Milos There are also some reasonable beaches close by. To the west of the town lies Lagada beach which stretches to the south some 2km or so of treebacked sand beach. Certainly not the best the island has to offer but if you don`t feel like walking anywhere it`s O.K. Continue travelling in this direction and you will come to Milos Camping at Achivadolimni with more sand beaches continuing just past the airport. Indeed for those who don`t appreciate 6 hour ferry journeys it may be easier to travel to Milos via schedule flight from Athens West Airport.

MAN MADE BEACH - Milos The commanding view enjoyed by Plaka is worth the bus ride but to be honest there is not a lot else worth visiting unless you are in the mood for just lounging around in tavernas. Although the Catacombes, a series of caves nearby and the castle are apparently good. The rough track just to the north of the bus stop leads you down to either the village of Fourkavouni or the beach of Plathiena. The latter looks beautiful from a distance but upon closer inspection is subject to on-shore drift. The resident ducks are amusing though, not to mention cheeky.

ADAMAS - Milos This may be the case for the other beaches on this peninsular. The drift that is, not the ducks. One thing you shoud not miss is the day long boat tour out of Adamas literally around the island. With regular stops at points of interest as well as a swim break at Kleftiko & visit to the the neighbouring island of Kimolos for lunch. In addition to viewing all the beaches on the island you get to see the wild geology that makes up Milos along the way.

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