Lipsi - A backpackers guide

We Last Visited Lipsi in 1996

Situated an hour by ferry to the east of Patmos lies Lipsi. Much flatter that its more popular neighbour and with only one conurbation of any size, it is in complete contrast to Patmos. Cruise liner do not call (thank goodness!) probably due to the fact that there isn't anything much to do. The habour isn't even architecturally interesting, but not unpleasant, so what is it that we like so much about the place. Platis Yialos

It is blissfully quiet most of the time. If you can't relax here then valium is perhaps your only other option. The owner of the first taverna you come to appears to be the unofficial welcoming committee and seems to greet the passengers of every arriving vessel with a cheerie welcome to Lipsi. His food is not bad either and the taverna is excellently situated for a moonlit meal. We were met off the ferry by the proprietress of the Babarossa restaurant with the offer of rooms in the town proper (same name accomodation) for 4000 drs (June '96). Not the largest rooms we have ever had but comfortable enough. If you are looking for somewhere a little more palacial there is a moderately sized hotel by the key with the added bonus of a taverna and mini-market below. A couple more tavernas are scattered around the harbour front interspersed with little parks and monuments. Walking up into town will bring you to the central platia served by tavernas along with a bakers (a relative has rooms if you don`t get offered any at the harbour) and a couple of travel agencies, one of which sells tickets for the Anna Express a handy little boat with services to the southern island of Leros.

Lipsi - Squid One of the reasons we visited Lipsi was to see the beautiful beach of Platis Yialos only an hours walk to the north west of the harbour. If it had palm trees you could easily believe that you are on a Carribean beach. The water is only 30cms deep for 30 to 40 metres out to sea and a beautiful shade of torquoise. For those interested in beach-side construction, the sand is of the pour yourself a castle type which gave us hours of fun while burning in the June sun. There is a beach to the north east of the town, but this tends to be litter strewn and walking further on in this direction you can see an islet just off the shore with a beach but no clear way on how to get there. Lipsi - Platis Yialos

There are also boat trips available to the caves just off shore on islets to the south of the island but inclement sea conditions prevented us from taking these in.

There must be few inhabited island that are quieter than Lipsi, so if you are looking for "parties ville" give Lipsi a miss. It does however offer those looking for a quiet life, a near nirvana experience and we can't wait to go back. Maybe we will see you there .....?


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Platis Gialos Beach on Lipsi The Harbour at Lipsoi Lipsi Town