Koufonisi - A backpackers guide

We Last Visited Koufounissi in 2003

Map of the Minor Cyclades graphic Koufounissi is very flat in comparison to the other satelite islands of Naxos and another stop on the route of the Express Skopelitis. The port is a pretty enough place with a nice stretch of gently shelving sand and torquois water. Accomodation is mainly in the low hills around the harbour and we were met by Eleni (20euros Sept` 03) although there are rooms to let around the south coast nearer the beaches. If you are planning on self-catering it's not as easy as it could be due to the eclectic stock of some of these stores with bread being particularly hard to come by and interestingly you can only obtain 33cl bottles of beer and not the usual half litres as on most islands. But they still cost the same so if you are planning on using the camp site, situated very near the coast you may be better dining out.

The Beachs on Koufounissi

Photo of Finikas beach, Koufounissi - Greece The main reason people visit Koufounissi is for the beaches and the whole of the south coast has plenty. As is often the case the further you walk from the port, the more nudists can be found on display, but all the beaches have very inviting incredibly blue water and Finikas beach has a very convenient taverna. A small boat service can deliver you onto any of these leaving the port at 12:00 every day but none are too far to walk to. The last beach of Pori is the longest but on closer inspection is a little scruffy and perhaps not worth the expense of the boat or the effort of the walk. From here however you can walk 10 minutes east for fine views over to Naxos from the cliffs.

Photo of Hora, Koufounissi - Greece The islands only real settlement is the afformentioned Hora just back from the quay with a main cobbled path which is positively treachourous at night & would supply the 'Have you had a trip, fall or accident?' business with years of work. A number of bars, tavernas, gift shops & jewelleries as well as an interesting gallery & the ferry agent can all be found here. In particular the Skoleio bar is recommended for it's cosy feel and choice rock & blues and the Rementzo taverna must be doing something right because it had diners queueing in the street.

Koufounissi Island Summary

Photo of Cliffs near Pori beach, Koufounissi, Greece With little else to see or anywhere else to walk to on the island you need to be a keen sunworshipper to want to stay for more than a couple of days and because the quality of the beaches are no secret these are probably very crowded indeed during high season. You won't get much solitude in September either but with beaches like these, you may not care.


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