New to backpacking in Greece?


A typical backpackers room in GreeceRooms - in Greece are very simple but almost always clean. On this point you should remember that toilet paper is not flushed down the loo but placed in a nearby bin. Some people are not fussed on this idea but it is less embarrasing than trying to explain to your landlord why the toilet is blocked, Greek plumbing is not the most advanced. Also, most bathrooms don't have a shower curtain or even sometimes a shower tray which makes things easier for the cleaning lady, which in the majority of cases will be at least once every three days.

While on the subject of time, the longer you commit yourself to staying in any place, the better bargaining position you will have so don't be surprised if the price for only1 night is non-negotiable. They will have a lot of laundry for what might be only 20euros.

Price - As a guide only, a simple double room in September will cost around 35 Euros and air conditioning, cooking/cooling facilities, breakfast, pool and even a sea view will probably cost more. In high season (July & August) these rates can be doubled or even tripled depending on the island. Mykonos & Santorini (Firá) being particularly expensive.

Most room owners will ask for a passport which is for their security and will be returned upon payment for the room. We have never had any problems with this formality.


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